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Research Projects of László Gulyás'

I have participated in the following R & D grants (this is an incomplete list).
European Commission FP7 projects:

  • Complexity Research Initiative for Systemic Instabilities (CRISIS),
    Leader at consortium member AITIA.
  • Open Source API and Platform for Multiple Clouds (mOSAIC),
    Leader at consortium member AITIA.
  • Computing Real-World Phenomena with Dynamically Changing Complex Networks (DYNANETS),
    Participant (Collegium Budapest, Petabyte Research Ltd).
  • Interactive graphical tactile display as an advanced user interface for the visually impaired (TACMON),
    Leader at consortium member AITIA.
European Commission FP6 projects:

National Grants:

  • ALL-FIT: Wearable sensors for a healthier lifestyle.
    Team leader at AITIA
  • TEXTREND: Development of a business and governmental decision support toolbox using trend- and text-analysis tools,
    Participant, Technical Manager.
  • KMOP-2008-1.1.2 @ ELTESoft,
    Sub-project leader.
  • GVOP-3.2.2.-2004-07-0005/3.0, ELTE IKKK, ELTE IKKK.
    Sub-project leader.
  • GVOP-3.3.3-05/2.-2006-01-0111/3.0, Computer-based phone application for the hearing and speech impaired (based on adaptive and speech technology).
    Sub-project leader.
  • Leader of the "Visualization Techniques" sub-project of the "Data-Mining in Telecommunications Data Warehouses" project under Government Grant #GVOP-3.1.1.-2004-05-0054/3.0 (in cooperation with MTA SZTAKI, T-Mobile and BUTE)
Last Updated: 02-04-2012